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Model 20 Professional

Hans Model 20 - Super Small Hans Model 20 - Super Small $1,099.00 N/A
Hans Model 20 - Small Hans Model 20 - Small $1,099.00 N/A
Hans Model 20 - Medium Hans Model 20 - Medium $1,199.00 N/A
Hans Model 20 - Large Hans Model 20 - Large $1,199.00 N/A

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Primarily made of carbon-fiber, the device is something of a U-shape, the back of the U set behind the back of the neck and the two arms laying flat along the top of the chest over the pectoral muscles; the device in general supported by the shoulders. It is attached only to the helmet—and not to the belts, driver's body, or seat -— by two anchors on either side, much like the Hutchens device but placed slightly back. The seat belts that cross the driver's upper-body are properly installed so that the belts go right over the HANS device, on the driver's shoulder, and buckle into the center of the driver's stomach. Therefore, the HANS device is secured with the body of the driver, not the seat.