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Check out our newest items!

Check out our newest items!

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Hans Device Recertification

Hans Device Recertification

KRJ is your Midwest Head Quarters for SFI 38.1 Hans Recerts.

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Hans Recertification Program

Hans Device Recertification Form

We are your Hans Device Recertification Location

KRJ Race Products is your Midwest Center for Hans Device Recertification. We are Factory Authorized Representatives for this SFI 38.1 Hans Recertification Program.

Starting Jan. 1, 2012, HNR’s must be recertified every five years. This means that during 2022, competitors who want to use a HANS Device purchased in 2017 or earlier must have their Hans device recertified. Devices passing the inspection will receive a new SFI 38.1 conformance label marked with the inspection date. KRJ Race Products will recertify the Hans Device for a $35 fee plus any parts such as tethers that may be required(shipping is paid by the customer).

We learn a great deal of information about our product when we see a HANS Device that’s been used in competition for several years. It is rare that a device does not pass the Hans recertification inspection. But we regularly see devices that need replacement rubber on the legs or have tethers that are more than five years old and therefore need to be replaced. If we need to replace the rubber or tethers, customers will be notified first, then charged for these items at the standard price.

What should I do?

Option 1.
Ship your Hans Device to KRJ Race Products with your Contact info enclosed (phone, e-mail and return address)in the box. Normal lead time is 5-7 days. Longer lead times may occur due to a pre season rush in March / April. If a rush order is required, we have a $50 expedite charge to do a 1-2 day turn.


Click the Hans Recertification PDF link Above to view and print the Hans Recert Form to include with your Hans.

Shipping Address:
KRJ Race Products
3805 Country Lane.
Brownsburg, IN 46112

Phone 317-496-6767

Option 2. Call or E-mail us to set up a drop off for your device if you are based in the Indy area.

Here are a few other details to be aware of:
• Tethers for the HANS Device are manufactured with polyester, which gives them a longer span of use when compared to other material such as nylon. HPP recommends changing tethers every five years.
• Competitors should inspect the HANS Device and tethers after any impact where the device comes into use. It’s likely that the tethers should be replaced.
• Fully painted devices cannot be inspected and will not pass recertification.

Product Inspection and Hans Refurb

We'll inspect, clean, and replace teathers, padding, and belt grip material as needed.

Make your HANS® Perform, Feel, and Look like new again.

KRJ Race Products LLC in Brownsburg Indiana is providing a HANS® Refurb Service. We are a Factory Trained Dealer with over 10 years of HANS Related Experience!

1: Are your tethers 2-3 years old or have you “crash tested” them a few times?
2: Is your Padding compressed and needing replaced?
3: Is you Belt Grip material the old smooth rubber? Is it pealing, cut, worn or have holes from years of use?

We can inspect, clean, and refresh your HANS® to Look, Perform and Feel as it did when new.

Basic Pricing:
Option 1: Inspection, Clean, and Replace the shoulder belt grip rubber only $75.00 plus shipping.
Option 2: Inspection, Clean, and Replace the shoulder belt grip rubber, New Foam Padding, New Standard, or Sliding Post Anchor Tethers.* $195.00 plus shipping.

Quick Release or New Quick Click Sliding Tethers conversions would be additional cost to be quoted prior to service.

HANS Device Installation Services

Hans Helmet Anchor Installation.

Need a second helmet set up, or just making a change to a new undrilled helmet.

$35.00 plus Anchor cost.

Bell Racing Helmets

KRJ Race Products is proud to announce that we have been selected to be an authorised dealer for Bell Racings full line of top quality Helmets and racing gear.

With the addition of Bell Racing products, KRJ is able to offer you the best possible package pricing when you purchase a Bell Helmet and a Hans Device.

Please call or e-mail for pricing on all models of Bell Helmets, or a package price for your new Bell Helmet and Hans.

Schroth Racing Belts

For the past 60 years, SCHROTH has been pushing at the forefront of technology in the Motorsport Safety business. We have stood behind our Cam Lock systems for every application. Except Dirt. Dirt and a Cam Lock don’t get along. If you race in the dirt, what you need is an old school Latch Link Harness, one that is unaffected by the environment it works in.

Drawing on the ties made in NEXTEL Cup, SCHROTH has partnered with Kasey Kahne’s USAC operation to show the world what SCHROTH’s Technology can do in the dirt. The benefits of Polyester webbing are too profound to ignore. It retains its strength and elasticity in situations that Nylon webbing virtually fails in.

Another benefit of a latch style harness is a lower price. Not everyone is running on a Formula-1 budget filled with millions of dollars. That does not mean that you shouldn’t buy the best safety equipment you can afford.

In SFI 16.5 Homologation, there are only a few configurations available. In SFI16.1 Homologation, however, these harnesses are available in many configurations. Three styles of shoulder belt are offered, the standard 3"” shoulders, a 3"”V-Strap shoulder, and the venerable 2"/3" HANS® specific shoulder designed to maximize the efficiency of the worlds best head restraint.

You can also choose where you want your lap adjusters, or if you want them at all. Right hand lap? Pull Up? No Problem. No adjusters? Sure thing.

The harnesses all ship open ended. If you need bolt-in or snap-in end fi ttings for any of the points, you need to specify that when ordering. The V-Strap shoulder is an exception - its bolt-in bracket is sewn in.

The flexibility of the Latch Link belts, combined with the affordable price make these belts makes them the perfect choice for a grassroots racer who is concerned about safety.