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Welcome to KRJ Race Products Online!

Welcome to KRJ Race Products Online!

Thank you for visiting, we offer a variety of products and service to fit your needs!

Check out our newest items!

Check out our newest items!

We have you covered from seat to helmet!

Hans Device Recertification

Hans Device Recertification

KRJ is your Midwest Head Quarters for SFI 38.1 Hans Recerts.

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HYBRID Accessories

SFI.DRK D-Ring Kit (for all SFI Devices) $24.95 N/A
M61.HAK M6 Helmet Anchor SFI 38.1 approved & FIA 8858-2010 $65.00 N/A
HY.M61.DE M6 Quick Release Compatible Dual End Fitting Tethe $35.00 N/A
HS.M61.DE M6 Quick Release Compatibile Dual End Fitting Teth $35.00 N/A
HY.M61. FTK M61 Quick Release Helmet Anchors with Fixed Tether $110.00 N/A
HY.M61.STK M61 Quick Release Helmet Anchor with Sliding Teth $110.00 N/A
PA.HAK Post Anchor Helmet Anchor Kit- * Helmet Hardware u $65.00 N/A
HY.PA Hybrid Post Clip Tether Set- Pair $35.00 N/A
HS.PA Hybrid Sport Post Clip Tether Set- Pair $35.00 N/A
HR.X.PKG Hybrid X Package for Extreme Protection including $215.00 N/A
HY.MP Molded Pad (for Hybrid) $45.00 N/A
HY.DP Standard Device Pad (for Hybrid) $35.00 N/A
OR.DP Off-Road Device Pad Hybrid Pro Slide, Hybrid Sport $45.00 N/A
OR.DP.HY Off-Road Device Pad Hybrid $75.00 N/A
HY.QR Quick Release Assembly (for Hybrid) $32.00 N/A
HS.QR Quick Release Assembly (for Hybrid Sport) $32.00 N/A
RAGE.STK Sliding Tether Kits for Rage and Sport Parts $24.95 N/A
HR.STK Vision Maxx Kit (Hybrid) size Med $24.95 N/A
HR.STK.L Large Sliding Tether Kit- Used with LRG-XLG Device $24.95 N/A
HY.FT Front Tether $35.00 N/A
R3.EXT Chest Extender (for Hybrid) $54.00 N/A
Rage.EXT Chest Extender for Hybrid Rage Devices $54.00 N/A